Hindu Nights

ClublePop and Mostly Images are going to practice their damn fine dance routine at the Vooruit in Ghent, Hindu Nights it is!!!

Fold Unfold by Margrethe Odgaard

Something nice for Christmas 

by Danish Hay



The Oregon Coast from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

I think one of my favourite magazines for sure, new issue out now

Hands On / Dutch Design

A new book by Jeroen Junte on Dutch Design will be presented at Vivid Gallery in Rotterdam on december 18th. 

Graphic Design by the very talented Hansje van Halem

This richly illustrated book show how the 21st century Dutch Design re-evaluates craftmanship and experiments with new digital productionmethods – and while doing so explores new boundaries between art and design

Ice Ice Baby

first we take Oslo then we take Hamburg
or the other way around, Monica Bonvicini's:  She Lies (2007) off the shore off Oslo in front of the Opera House inspired by Caspar David Friedrich's:  Das Eismeer (1823-1824) housed in Hamburg's Kunsthalle. 

The synthesis of structure/skin/ornament explore the interface between nature and culture, or that of a cultural artefact. While reconstructing a famous Romantic painting, the work represents in a visual striking way the shape of an iceberg, as if one would have, by circumstances due to the global warming, ended up in the fjord in front of the opera house

Simian Ghost

Braid Dead Rug by Timothy Liles

I just came across this amazing rug by Timothy Liles on a hunt to dress up my living room a bit warmer for the colder season. 

Timothy brings a fresh approach to using a traditional technique whilst using imagery of modern pop icons. The rug is part of a series of design products influenced by traditional American craft; nostalgia & pride. All pieces in the collection are hand made by craftsmen, the double side rug is made of hand-laced wool by County Braid House

Timothy's Crayon Rings are also worth a glimpse. 

Norwegian Wood

About Naoko | Midori |

Need I really say more about Norwegian Wood, 
and no, not talking about the Beatles song but about the novel by one of my all-time favorite novelists Haruki Murakami and its 2010 feature film adaptation by Tran Anh Hung. Central in Murakami's most read novel are themes of nostalgia, loss, memory and sexuality. This novel unlike most of his other works does not have that surreal touch to it but equally touches on subjects of society & human freedom. There are only few of his books that I have not read yet but I am saving these for times of need.

About the film; 
The film is open, so much is not said but everything the book contains is conveyed in one way are another. The exact point the book brings across is displayed perfectly in the emptiness of the film. Wonderful casting, set design, cinematography, and not to forget about the musical imputes by Johnny Greenwood and the mesmerizing backdrops of the Japanese landscapes. If there is only one book you will ever read by Murakami start with this one, but also make sure to see the film. 

The book makes a great present too.

A Room with a View

I'm His Girl - Friends

Sylvia Plath: Her Drawings

Sylvia Plath: Her Drawings
exhibition at Mayor Gallery in London 

nov 2nd - dec 16th 2011



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