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SPARK is a platform for excellent design projects in Reykjavik with a focus on local initiatives that involve collaboration between designers and other professions. They cary works by Olle & Stephan, Company, Vík Prjónsdóttir, Scintilla, Katrín Ólína and more
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Roxy Marj about Happy, goofy, silly and innocent

If this is how you describe yourself, well then you're way cool! Roxy creates quirky characters that I am sure do not only make her happy but will brighten up many days in many places.  Her shop has some lovely stock which she takes well care off. Check the Heirloom Bear Blanket!

Roxy Marj from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

Nelson Can

Nelson Can also play the Nordic Delight festival, March 2nd Utrecht: a Nordic Music and Lifestyle Expedition !!!

The Oyster Inn

Take me on the next train to the Oyster Inn, 
but unfortunately the 90m2 Waiheke Island is located close to Auckland quite a far stretch from The Hague. An Island without a water supply system where each house must maintain its own water supply, most collecting rainwater in cisterns, and must install a septic tank and septic field to handle sewage. This seems like a place for new modes of living; of dealing with what is present. Making people responsible and a strongly presented creative sector. 
No secluded Island is just fun and game but definitely the Oyster Inn provides a ' seaside hideaway with only 3 guest rooms, the perfect intimate escape. The complex boasts a kitchen, bar, shop and the 3 aforementioned rooms. At the bar you can load up with homemade sangria, Waiheke's best island wine and artisan beers amongst others. After (or before, which ever is smarter) you head to the shop where you will find all beach essentials. 

A room can be booked here.

thanks to Andrew for providing images courtesy of the Oyster Inn

Still up on a Mountain, Laugavegurinn trail

A hike from hell, disguising as Heaven. This is the area close to Mount Tindafjöll (painted by Ásgrimur Jónsson

On the top of a Mountain - Allure of the North and its Art

 Ásgrimur Jónsson, Mount Tindafjöll, 1903-1904

 Jens Ferdinand Willumsen, Jotunheim, 1892-1893

 Thórarinn B Thorláksson, Stórisjór and Vatnajökull glacier, 1912

 Nikolai Astrup, St Hans Midsummer Night Fire, undated

Some images from the Landscape and Identity section of the exhibition Nordic Art. 
In the North the distinctive light and rugged topography have always been why the land as such is a concept in art; it's immensely importance for Nordic Culture. These works were all created at the turn of the last century, when life up north was surely more rough and isolated, more dramatic and charasmatic then it is present day. 

"This exhibition is a tribute to the peoples and cultures of the Nordic countries, and provides an overview of 19th and 20th-century North European painting. The splendid landscapes, portraits and scenes from everyday rural life display both the similarities and the differences between the Nordic countries. The exhibition focuses on the time when movements such as Realism, Naturalism and more divergent styles such as Symbolism and upcoming Modernism existed side by side.
With their lucid and striking works, they manage to capture the poetic beauty, the core and spirit of the mystical North. Although Nordic art has its roots in European culture, the artists could emphasize their own identity by depicting North European life."

Nordic Art at the Groninger Museum until 5/5

Parsnip Bread

So, I have a new obsession: baking bread. This one I tweaked a bit based on a recipe from the Nordic Bakery. A bread with quark and parsnips, originally small flat breads mine is a nice sized-loaf, a loveable and yummy loaf. It is not a secret how I love the Nordic Bakery and so a number of their breads recipes are no queuing up for me to show them life.

the original one, tastes surely just as good

in love with a cat, a CASHMERE CAT

at pitchfork they have a better talent of describing why this Cat is Hot, in many ways.

I just hope that some booking people will have a clear mind and offer this Norwegian a stage. Smiles and moving feetsies guaranteed. I need some more paws..

The Little Dröm Store

The Little Dröm Store. 7, ann siang hill, singapore 069791

Pascal Pinon

Pascal Pinon are twins Jófríður and ásthildur, they write songs in their bedroom, make cassette mixtapes and collect leaves. Their sound is atmospheric, a little bit melancholic, torn between childhood dreams and adult seriousness. They have a new album out this year called Twosomeness.”


Common in Helsinki

In Helsinki I stumbled upon Common; a shop showcasing Japanese design. The simplicity of shape and quality of make blend well between Scandinavian and Japanese design traditions. And so I left the shop with a little bought something and a lot of want-to-buy.
Laivurinrinne 1, 00120 Helsinki Finland

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