Pale Fire in Paradiso

With Pale Fire Sarah Assbring releases her forth studio album as El Perro Del Mar. One of the records I am sure will be talked about this year, if it were only by me. A lovely ode to the best of the nineties, but that does not completely do Pale Fire justice as it is so much more, much more layered. Somewhat surprising this Gothenburg siren has never been so much in the public eye. The turnout to her Paradiso Amsterdam gig was relatively low. The performance was mersmeric and luckily included a melodica and 'Change of Heart' in a Pale Fire-ish coat. After Pale Fire Sarah will soon expect another release; thumbs up for 7 months pregnant touring. 

"In this world, you think you have no reason to believe in love or in anything much. Then one day, when you least expect it, a light appears on the far hori- zon. It's a flickering light, begging you to come, telling you to stay away. It's the pale fire. The promise of love and hope - all consuming and elusive. Yet for a moment, it brings clarity in the darkness, future to the ruins and power to the fight."

Amie Dicke - Afterimage - GEM

Amie DickeNabeeld  |  AfterimageGEM, Museum of contemporary art, The Hague22/09/2012 - 06/01/2013
Well worth a visit. Amie has shown some interesting and unique views towards Image, the way we perceive this and how this settles in our minds. What is forgotten, what is vanished, what is kept? The gold dots around may bring some unexpected happy moments but are actually bits of emergency blankets tucked into the holes left after the previous exhibition in GEM. Freunde von Freunde visited her home and studio a while ago.  See it here.

Hemmi og Valdi and past days of Laugavegur 21

One of my favorite good and relaxing places for coffee and bookreading in Reykjavik Hemmi og Valdi.

Downtown in the middle of the high street: Laugavegur. 

Even tough I absolutely loved the previous inhabitants of Laugavegur 21: Kaffi Hljómalind  a non-profit co-operative which aimed to be a positive influence on society with all profits donated to charity. Hljómalind previously was a record store and was always run by Kiddi who also doubled as Sigur Rós' manager who then turned it in to a song called Hljómalind. The 'Kaffi' subsequently moved up on the Laugavegur to the 23 and now has unfortunately already left Reykjavik some time ago. Which is really how it goes, new places pop up and not so new places die young. A good thing is that some of the atmosphere is still in the air forever. And Hemmi og Valdi does indeed remind me of the old place. 

In 2005 Grapevine published the most complete laugavegur store review ever and last year they published a good overview of bars in Reykjavik with some thought to those who are not there anymore as well. 
The Grapevine in my opinion is the best write-up in Iceland, consistently good and strong content and can be read as a PDF online as well for those unfortunate times where you are unable to pick up a copy in 101 yourself. 

Hemmi og Valdi

You know I gave it all - Mutual Core

Nao Tamura for Artek

Contained within a single tree is its unabridged chronicle Year by year, never skipping a beat, it records its history slowly. Some lines speak of seasons of plenty, while others cry of famine. The size of the rings are never the same. Each engraving bears witness to battles waged in the name of survival. To observe such is to humble ourselves to nature’s love of life.

This celebration was created by layering upon the chair’s beautiful geometric shape, a complex and organic graphic of life. My hope is that the Artek “Stool 60” will evoke the bounty of nature as seen by the passage of 80 years of time.

Walk on By

love love love love
El Perro del Mar,

reminding of the good things, amongst of them the lovely Pipilotti Rist
nov 14th in Paradiso Amsterdam

Interieur 2012

23rd International Biennale, Kortrijk Belgium

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