There, I Fixed It

Until the 15th of May the There I Fixed it Exhibition which claims to offer unruly solutions to urgent problems can be seen at Stroom in Den Haag.

On the 8th of may there is a symposium with a workshop and a guided tour by Arne Hendriks from Platform 21. The image of the Coffee Machine above is a part of a bigger project by Platform 21: Breakfast Machine.
It is a re-design of a coffee machine making the 'simple' process very complicated. Like the complete machine it defeats logic and goes back to a pure design process.

So who ever wants to join me on the 8th of may, I will be there.

Kora a Kitchen by Cesar

In my Frankfurt Kitchen post I mentioned how kitchen design is changing so much lately. This kitchen: Kora designed by Gian Vittorio Plazzogna is a perfect example of that.
Kora is a kitchen by Cesar

Green, Light and Airy on my Mind

Mangas a Patricia Urquiola carpet for GAN Rug

Hopefully summer is staying with us for a while and are the times that we long for rugs and blankets far away still. But then again these colorful 'happy' rugs by Patricia Urquiola are perfect for this time of the year. Mangas, Spanish for sleeves, is a series of rugs in various shapes; short and long sleeves but all with the same characteristic pattern of a wool knitted rug like the one we wore as little children. The collection is produced by GAN Rug and Mangas is a great addition to their wonderful collection.

And, there are also Mangas Poufs!

Studiomama by Nina Tolstrup

Should you be swimming in time these summer days then her mobile outdoor kitchen might be just the day challenge for you. Danish born London-based Nina Tolstrup offers the instruction manual of her Mobile Outdoor Kitchen as a free pdf on her website.

As a Shoreditch based true Scandinavian Nina felt like she needed more outer space which resulted in her buying a very small plot of land in Whitstable UK. As a smart calculator and neat designer Nina came up with this wooden summer house with cedar tiles covering 35m2. The space really only offers space for life's most essential: to sleep, eat and drink.

a day for Housing between Trees

Mark Braun

Simple yet Sophisticated is what I'd call these works by Mark Braun
Hallway Furniture Floor 95 looks like something we all need.

Frankfurt Kitchen by Margarete Schütte-Lihotsky

In 1926 this Frankfurt Kitchen was designed by Marxist, feminist, architect and activist, Margarete Schütte-Lihotsky
The kitchen was designed for made to measure purpose in minumum space and still offering a maximum of possibilities. Very detailed studies of kitchen usage including time lapse and ergonomics resulted in this unique and first time fitted kitchen for social housing in Frankfurt.
History then resulted in social housing projects, not only in Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Kitchen designed by Margarete soon was the standard for building kitchens.
Only recently we saw kitchen design moving to a more open plan and now even the concept of the kitchen as a 'set entity' in the house is changing, maybe the kitchen could like our lives become more flexible.
But still this very well thought out design with the blue colored fronts given this color as it supposely attracts less flies is appreciated as an enormous move forward and can for that reason be found in numerous museum collections worldwide nowadays.

Solbrinken Ordinary House

By Stockholm based In Praise of Shadows

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