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Dearhunter Vintage in Rotterdam

A few pictures from Dearhunter Vintage in Rotterdam

Dearhunter is the moniker for Hanneke van Leeuwens' creative endeavors. She is an accessories designer, illustrator and vintage shopkeeper in Rotterdam. 
Dearhunter Vintage is the latest under the label, a unique vintage store with a quirky style. A visit to Dearhunter Vintage is always a welcoming experience. The brightly lit shop is conveniently located around the corner from Witte de Withstraat, just a stone's throw away from the museums overlooking a lovely stretch of water.
Rotterdam-based artists, musicians and designers have all found their way to this shop as well as many passers-by, bands on tour and style-savvy travellers.
Dearhunter Vintage
Eendrachtsweg 55A
3012 LE Rotterdam
+31 10 270 9742

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