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Four + Twenty Blackbirds


Last year my dearest Brooklyn friend Emily Elsen, whom I met when we both studied at Central Saint Martins , and her lovely sister Melissa opened an amazing pie shop in Gowanus, or at least if I were to believe the reviews that can be found everywhere on the net. Time Out even named them in the top 10 eat outs of NY I believe. Judging from the photographs they are damn right.
The downside on all this is that Emily is so extremely busy that I will hardly be seeing any of her in the coming years. So I will have to plan a trip to Brooklyn soon and until then indulge in the Salty Honey Pie recipe that they are willing to share.
I am very much inspired by the beautiful place they have stumped out of the ground and their earnest way of running the shop. The shop itself was renovated by them and their friends and has a wonderful lightness to it.

Should you live closer I would very much like to suggest to pay a visit as soon as possible and early in the day as they run out of pies on a regular basis.

Four + Twenty Blackbirds
439 3rd Avenue
(718) 499-2917
Open Tue-Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 9am-7pm
Sun 10am-6pm

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