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The Old North of Rotterdam

Years ago I lived on the Zwaanshals in Rotterdam and was extremely happy when I finally left the rundown area. Now I realize I should have stayed. The complete area has been redeveloped and many many good things are happening here now. It is the perfect area to spend your Saturday afternoons, stroll around, have coffee and cake and buy some unique pieces in one of the many interesting shops. Kookpunt has been in the area like forever, although it seems they are ever-expanding. On the other side of Noordplein het Lof der Zoetheid is located. All I should say is that you Have to go here, or rather don't as they rarely have a table available for me when I make it there. They are briefly closed for reconstruction work but from how I know the owners I am sure they are cooking up some amazing recipes as we speak. Should I add that the shops interior is A amazing?

Then there is the big Rotabs -artist and designer studio place which screams a lot London-East End. But hey, Shoreditch is still booming, and the Old North of Rotterdam can sure have some Shoreditch.
A number of times a year the Swanmarket is organized here. I went there in March and will make sure to be there on the next edition which takes place on the 15th of May as well (I already ordered the Sun from the last edition)

At Niche the focus is on flowers but Susanne also sells home accessories and other things you are sure you need.

And then there is the Contemporary Showroom, a shop run with a passion by Jarno Kooijman. It is not only his well selected mix of vintage and contemporary design but also the decoration of the shop itself (constructed by his own hands) which makes the shop a visit worthwhile. I recetly purchased a really nice pharmacy cabinet here and I would suggest to stop by here, even if it were just for inspiration on your saturday afternoon in the Old North.

Rare pieces in perfect condition can be found here, like the Wilhem Renz secretary or the Cees Braakman Pastoe secretary.

Contemporary Showroom

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Shelley Rickey

Thanks for the great post about Rotterdam North. I live on the Zaagmolenstraat and i'm thrilled with the development in the neighborhood. Great stuff.

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