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John's Phone - another kind of phone

I have been thinking of a smarter phone for a while, my old samsung is dying on me (ever since ending up in a moshpit at a TV on the Radio concert in 2008)
So now I am finally coming close to making a decision on this matter, I even already set a date for the big thing to happen.
I know what I want now I just have to go and get it.

Until I saw John's Phone which really only makes and receives calls. John' Phone in a way is your quintessential phone, it does not even receive textmessages or anything. I should note however that it can be used for handsfree calling, the most important feature after calling itself?

But it looks great and it is super simple and easy to use and for only € 80 you could just have this as your phone on the side, at least, right?

Anyway, Mum & Dad this may be for you, and other friends (you know who you are) this may also be for you! It can be bought through the John's Phones website or in a store somewhere in the world.

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