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Scholten en Baijings - Blush - photo's of the exhibition

I already wrote about it and very much looked forward to it and then this weekend I went to Blush at Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch, by Scholten & Baijings and was given an interesting tour by Curator Fredric Baas.
The exhibition is set up in 4 themes in a cross-grid. It is not a very big show, but definitely worthwhile if you love their clean and simple aesthetic like I do. Since the tour was informative I would suggest to take part in a museum activity when visiting the exhibition. On the 14th of May there is a Color and Interior workshop with Tatjana Quax from Studio Aandacht amongst others. Information via this email address
Stefan Scholten en Carole Baijings themselves will talk about their work on the 17th of may.

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