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Barcelona Reykjavik: Bakkery

Anybody who has been around me for a while knows that i have a very serious Reykjavik obsession. Not so much a problem in daily life so I just cope with it.
Although the simple word Reykjavik is almost enough to speed up my heartbeat. So also when I read in print about a 'shop'  ReykjavikBarcelona.  I took my travelcompanions there immediately, not even knowing what BarcelonReykjavik really was. When arrived the place was closed, and even though a peek into an inspiring minimalist interior did not really unveil the bussiness of this 'shop'.
The next day my companions found another BarcelonaReykjavik and unraveled the mystery. BarcelonaReykjavik is an organic bakery. Run by Icelandic Gudrun Margret they use some Icelandic ingredients in their traditional breads. High quality and healthy, manually processed ingredients are important to the business. Although not cheaply priced I would say everything in this bakery is worth the money. It tastes GOOD, no excellent! There are no less then tree locations and they work on festivals as well. At Primavera Sound they prepared me a perfect 'Bocadillo Dinner'.

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