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Giana Factory: a little confesion..

When I saw Giana Factory open for the Raveonettes it was not just my Love for Scandinavian Girls that got me interested in their music. Also it was not just to do with their good looks, dresses and haircuts. It may have had something to do with the instrumentation but mostly they just blew me a little bit away. I REALLY LIKED THIS CONCERT, having become a bit spoiled lately on the music side of things, big surprises like this do not happen on a daily basis. Seeing and listening to Giana Factory was a bit like suddenly receiving an early birthday present.
I bought their cd 'Save The Youth' which has some good songs, like Rainbow Girl and Dirty Snow of which the latter on was already remixed by Trentemoller.
The sound they call entirely theirs is made up of gloomy synths and crispdrum pads with atmospheric guitars and sparklingly fresh melodies.
I think we will be seeing more of Louise Foo, Lisbet Fritze and Sofie Johanne.
And even though we do not like name-dropping all that much and the girls do not even need this stamp of approval: it looks like Louise Foo has inherited some of the same musical and style genes as here older sister Sharin Foo.

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