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Fast Vinic / the food

I tried only one of the 20 wines that Fast Vinic sells through a smart chipcard and fridge system. The concept is fast and the place looks nice. The way food is served here is not like elsewhere in Barcelona even though the quality is the same. Good sandwiches made with local produce. A booklet with information on the people behind the products can be found on every table.
The only bad thing is that Fast Vinci feels so fast that you won't be sitting around, chatting away for too long or to try many of their wines.
I had a lovely Bull Negro sandwich and a lentil salad.
The decor was as lovely as the photographs show but something tells me the concept has to grow a bit more, if it were located in London or New York it would blend in in no time but Barcelona with the amazing frood tradition seems a bit hesitant still.

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